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SMX London: Register now for the best rates

Search Engine Land’s SMX London search marketing conference is returning to the UK May 22-23 with a revamped, updated agenda. SMX London is a can’t-miss event for all serious marketers, whether you’re the CMO or working to implement your key campaigns on a tactical level. Register today for a Full…

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Wanted: Session ideas for SMX London

We want your input to help us plan our upcoming SMX London conference, which will be taking place on May 23-24, 2017. Specifically, we’d love to hear from you if you have an great idea for a session that you think should be on the agenda. And if you’re interested in speaking at the…

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Video: Kevin Gibbons with tips on Google+ at SMX London 2013

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Kevin Gibbons shares his insights on Google + for small businesses, and the benefits of authorship.

Kevin’s take is that in future, Google will rank content on the people who author it, rather than on the domain the content is published on. He also gives some great tips on SEO and Google+ profiles. Also, will Google + kill Facebook? Hal MacDermot chips in with questions on G+ business adoption-speeds and ROI.

Thanks Kevin, for taking time out of your busy SMX schedule to talk with us!

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Workshop: “Link Audit as a Penguin Safety Measure”, June 4 2013 London

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The workshop is run by SearchWorks and Julia Logan a.k.a. Irish Wonder, with special guest Dixon Jones of Majestic SEO. For anyone who can make it, I’d say this is going to be an excellent event.

The new Penguin 2.0 rolled out about a week ago, with the aim of reducing webspam and favoring quality content in the search results.

Thanks to SearchMetrics, we did get early data on winners and losers The jury is still out on how successful it was – several game sites took a hit, but then so did the Salvation Army, which is a surprise.

The Penguin 2.0 algorithm update means that the quality of links is even more important than before. But how exactly do you figure out what’s a good quality link? How do you know the kind of links that will hurt you, and the kind that will do you good?

There are some clues on what you should be doing in Matt Cutt’s video, but you’re going to need more information to get a clear picture.

That’s where seminars like the one on the 4th come in handy, and of course – the Wordtracker Newsletter and Academy. In this week’s upcoming Wordtracker Newsletter Koozai’s Emma North will have useful tips on how to recover from Penguin 2.0 and Ken McGaffin will be telling us how to expand our search for relevant links.

Find out more about “Link Audit as a Penguin Safety Measure” (4 June, 2013)

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Live @ SMX London: Is Link Building Still Crucial, Or A Waste Of Time & Money?

Google’s singular innovation, the one that catapulted it to its dominating position as the world’s favorite search engine, was PageRank – looking at the links on the Web and using them as “votes” to determine high-quality or popular content. Today, of course, Google…

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Search Marketing Expo – SMX London 2013

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SMX London 2013 Blog partner

15th-16th May 2013, Chelsea Football Club

It’s almost time for SMX London, one of Europe’s top search events, to open its doors. We’re happy to be going along, and the SMX team has given us an exclusive Wordtracker discount code – which means you can get a 15% discount (more on that later).

SMX has a great reputation. It’s a conference where you can learn loads about search marketing from people working at high levels in the industry. And the networking opportunities are second to none.

You can get an idea of the topics that are covered from our review of the 2012 SMX event. A quick glance through the tips you’ll find there should give you an idea of the quality of the presentations.

The speaker line-up for 2013 includes a keynote talk from Jim Sterne, who is chairman of the Digital Analytics Association.

The conference chairs are Danny Sullivan and Chris Sherman, two of the most respected commentors on Search Marketing. Other speakers include:

  • Rob Kerry
  • Andy Atkins Kruger
  • Dave Naylor
  • Mikkel deMib Svendsen
  • Anders Hjorth

… and many more.

Get a 15% discount when you book today

You can get a 15% discount when you register for SMX. Simply go to the SMX site and use the code WORDTRACKER13 when you sign up.

You'll have access to some of the world’s best internet marketers as well as the chance to meet some other friendly SEOs. We'll be there, Tweeting and writing up blog posts – so come along and say hello!

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Discount code for SES London 2013

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Avanash Kaushik, SES London 2012

If your competition is ahead of you on Google then we can guarantee that they will probably be down at the 14th annual SES London on the 18-21 February 2013 in the front row getting essential facetime with digital marketing experts.

With three days packed full of essential content to help you navigate the digital landscape and a two-day expo featuring leading vendors in the industry, along with a host of networking opportunities, SES London 2013 will once again be the leading forum for digital marketers.

Why you should attend

The challenge for today’s marketers is tying all the elements together and working out where to invest your time and budget. Find the answer at SES London!

SES London understands your challenges and will help you to discover what is best for your business.

The event will include, but not be limited to:

  • SEO 2013: What next?
  • Web analytics deep dive
  • How to optimize email engagement
  • Big Data: What marketers need to know
  • Keyword modelling analysis
  • How to construct a successful integrated marketing campaign
  • The convergence of search, social and content marketing
  • Optimizing conversion from strategy to execution
  • Winning link building strategies
  • Mobile marketing optimization
  • Effective paid search tactics

Sessions are still being finalized – more info coming soon! View the pre-agenda here

Take a look at the highlights from last year’s show

Who should attend?

  • Webmasters
  • Digital Agencies
  • Online Marketers
  • Corporate Decision-Makers

Dates & Times

View the event details and timings here


Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre
Broad Sanctuary
London SW1P 3EE


As a partner of SES London, we at Wordtracker.com are able to offer our members discounted tickets. Follow this special link to register and quote SESL13002 in VIP Code. NB: This is an early bird offer that expires on 21st December 2012.

Ticket type Full price Wordtracker price
All Access Pass £1799 £1399
Platinum Pass £1199 £899
Single Day Pass £799 £499

We look forward to seeing you at SES London 2013!

For more information contact Rosie Perkins, Incisive Media. Rosie.perkins@incisivemedia.com 020 7004 7407

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SMX London 2012 Round-up

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SMX London 2012 logo

When we were there we were busily, frantically, scribbling down the speakers’ pearls of wisdom, so if you’ve not read our 213 top tips you should now. But that was really only half of it, a few (hundred) tips to improve your marketing. There were also some really great discussions and clear themes that kept emerging. So I’m going to talk you through them if you couldn’t make it. And frankly, even if you could.

The Cookie Monster

For those who don’t know, the European Union recently enacted legislation requiring all webmasters to get the express consent of their users before they use any cookies. I’m not a lawyer, so this isn’t legal advice, but if you want more juicy information on what the law actually says, the UK government have explained it all here. SMX was dominated by talk about what this means, and how webmasters should respond.

Several clear threads emerged. Firstly, don’t try to dupe your users. Most marketers agreed that the more consent you ask of your customers, the happier and more engaged they will be. Yes, you might have fewer of them, but one consented customer is better than 50 who think they’re being tricked. Lisa Williams of Media Forte Marketing regularly gets her database of customers to opt in twice to email marketing campaigns. She does this simply because it works, so maybe if you take the time to explain cookies to your customers, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the result?

Naturally the question on everyone’s lips was something along the lines of “But what should I do to not get sued?” Again this isn’t legal advice, I’m only the messenger, reporting on the views of non-lawyers. But the consensus seems to be that as a minimum, you should have a page on your website explaining what cookies you use and why. Written in a language your customers are likely to understand. After that, the chances are, the EU will go after one of the big boys first as a test case. So if you’re not Google, Facebook or MSN you should be OK for the time being. Did I mention this isn’t legal advice? That, by the way, is something you should get.

Oh, and the law protects EU customers (lucky us!) so if your site targets people in the EU, you’re still expected to comply. Of course, the powers that be are unlikely to go after all but the biggest non-EU sites but y’know, you didn’t hear that from me. You know what else you didn’t here from me? Legal advice.


Google+, the much-mocked social network from Google is becoming more and more central to its products. In the States it’s launched ‘Search Plus Your World’, which isn’t coming to Europe (or anywhere else?) yet. Or at least the date hasn’t been specified. No word also on whether the powers-that-be will think of a better name. (If anyone from Google is reading this, you should, in my honest opinion.)

We’ll be writing a lot more on Google Plus in the future, but the central theme is this: links are broken. Measuring sites by how many links they get is becoming less and less relevant as online behavior changes and fewer people (relatively) have their own sites to link from. It’s all Facebook, Twitter etc. With Google+, (can we just call it ‘Plus’?) Google is tapping into your real life. What are you an authority in? Why do your recommendations matter and how helpful are they to your friends? And your friends of friends? All these questions will be addressed by Google over the coming months. And by Wordtracker, obviously.

Panda-monium and Penguin, er, onium

SMX wouldn’t be SMX without endless discussions about Google’s latest antics. Like SMXs of yore, 2012 was no exception. Most discussions centered around panicked webmasters wondering what they could possibly do to reverse a drop in traffic. And actually, on a related note, talked about living in the world of the not-provided. (Where analytics doesn’t give you traffic volumes for an (increasing) number of keywords).

While the discussion was animated, a consensus emerged. As quality-oriented webmasters, you shouldn’t be trying to get traffic for individual keywords, so actually, that information doesn’t matter. Instead, look at how many people arrive at that page from Google. Focusing on a tiny number of keywords (oftentimes, just one) encourages you to manipulate the Google algorithm and essentially do more and more black hat (bad) things.

Similarly, the Penguin and Panda updates shouldn’t have affected you if you were doing the right thing – creating great content and only getting links from sites that ultimately linked to your site because they wanted to. Google’s algorithm is becoming increasingly sophisticated. Stop the black hat stuff. And don’t expect keyword traffic data back any time soon.

Read these Wordtracker articles for more information on the Panda and Penguin updates

Well, that was SMX London 2012, surely the biggest to thing to happen in London this year. We’ll be back for next year’s. Will we see you there?

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More Articles

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SMX London Keynote: Google’s Amit Singhal On The Future Of Search & Online Marketing

More than any other time in its existence, Google has been changing up the game for marketers. With co-founder Larry Page taking the reins as CEO, Google has instituted major algorithm shifts, killed products and changed the rules for search marketers. These changes have caused pain for some, but…

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Search Marketing Expo – SMX London 2012

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15th-16th May 2012, Chelsea Football Club

May is rolling round again, and that means it’s almost time for SMX London to open its doors once more to some of the best conference speakers (and indeed delegates) in the business.

We’re happy to be going along again, and the SMX team have been kind enough to give us a discount code which means you’ll be able to get a 15% discount (more on that later).

SMX has garnered a reputation for being not only a fantastically educative conference, with people working at high levels in the industry sharing findings and techniques, but also one of the better networking opportunities available to SEOs in the UK. The venue this year is Chelsea Football Club’s Stamford Bridge stadium.

We took some of the best tips from the 2010 event, and even more from the 2011 conference, so just by having a glance at the articles there you can see the kind of information that’s available.

There are some great speakers this year, and I’m guessing there will be more people than usual at the keynote talk which is from Amit Singhal, a Google Fellow who has been responsible for leading Google’s core ranking team since 2000. The conference chairs are Danny Sullivan and Chris Sherman, two of the most respected commenters on Search Marketing.

Other speakers at SMX this May will be:

  • Guy Levine – CEO, Return On Digital
  • David Naylor – MD & Director of SEO, Bronco Ltd
  • Stephen Pavlovich – CEO, Conversion Factory
  • Aleyda Solis – SEO Manager, Bodaclick SL
  • Andy Atkins-Krueger – Group CEO, WebCertain
  • Kevin Gibbons – Director of Strategy, SEOptimise
  • Christine Churchill – President, KeyRelevance
  • Maile Ohye – Senior Developer Programs Engineer, Google Inc.
  • Bas van den Beld – Chief Editor, State of Search
  • Dixon Jones – Marketing Director, Majestic SEO
  • Mikkel deMib Svendsen – Creative Director, deMib.com
  • Vanessa Fox – Contributing Editor, Search Engine Land
  • Lisa Williams, President – MEDIA forte marketing

…and many more.

We’re delighted to be able to offer you a 15% discount to the conference, which gives a discount on any of the following:

  • 2 day Full conference pass
  • 1 day Full Conference pass
  • The International Search Summit
  • Boot Camp – Combo pass ISS/SMX
  • Combo pass SMX/Boot Camp

Register at the SMX site with the code WORDTRACKER012 and you'll have access to some of the best information in the business as well as the chance to meet some other friendly SEOs. We'll be there, tweeting and making notes for blog posts after the event – come and say hello, let us know what you think of the event. See you there!

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