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Blockchain Powered mCart Creates Ecosystem to Incentivize Influencers

Mavatar CEO Susan Akbarpour says that their blockchain powered mCart system is helping retailers track influencer driven sales… forever. That’s right, using their decentralized marketplace/influencer marketing attribution platform mCart retailers can now determine exactly where sales are coming from forever. This enables manufacturers and retailers to engage and incentivize influencers to create even more organic content marketing on social media, apps, websites, and in video media.

Susan Akbarpour, Mavatar CEO talks about how her company’s blockchain powered mCart platform is helping retailers track influencer driven sales forever in an interview on Fox Business:

Walmart is Using Blockchain to Automate Inventory Management

Walmart is using blockchain in different capacities, for inventory management systems and tracking many things. There are many parties involved when we are talking inventory management from point A to B to C to D. If you are using Excel sheets or a traditional inventory management system it’s not efficient and it’s not cheap. Every one of these movements needs to be tracked and need to be recorded.

Blockchain is helping to make everything automatic and very efficient and fast without back-office services that cost retailers. There are barcodes and many parties involved so you really need to track all of these systems together and blockchain makes it fast and very cheap.

Blockchain Technology Enabling Amazon-Like Marketplaces

We’re helping Walmart to partner with traditional media companies and actually power their product sales with the power of content. This is helping two traditional industries that are affected today. They are bringing content and Walmart and other brick and mortars are bringing products and we are creating Amazon-like marketplaces fueled by the content of the media. So we are licensing our software to media companies to lend their content to promote the product sales. We’re tracking through blockchain everyone who is influencing those product sales.

Blockchain Powered mCart Tracks Influencer Sales Impact Forever

I will give you a very nice example. Remember the JLo dress in Grammy’s 2000. It broke the internet. Eric Schmidt, the then CEO of Google, said that search inquiry is what made us think of doing image search. But no one, including JLo, CBS, Grammy’s, and the designer Versace, didn’t gain a penny out of that influence.

Even today, if you search that keyword in Google, you see that Google still shows an advertisement for the counterfeit and similar dresses online. Blockchain through our mCart technology is tracking that influence to every single influencer and distribute the value that they create and the commission that they could get from Versace between all of them forever.

And guess what, Fox and CBS and Disney and all of these guys are promoting millions of products every year. You guys don’t have to use push advertisement as a revenue model

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Augmented reality artist creates sculptures using Bing search

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