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Get the Bingeable & Shareable MozCon 2019 Video Bundle!

Posted by FeliciaCrawford

MozCon 2019 was an absolute blast. There were endless snacks. There were Roger hugs. There were networking opportunities and Birds of a Feather tables and search epiphanies galore. And there were a ton of folks in our community who watched it all unfold from the perspective of a Twitter hashtag — fun to follow along with, but not quite the same impact as seeing the talks unfold in real-time.

If you’re still wishing you could’ve joined us in Seattle this past July, you’ll be happy to know that you can recreate the MozCon experience from the comfort of your home or office (or your home office, but hopefully not your office-home — seriously, Karen, the quarterly reports will still be there in the morning!).

Yep, you got it: the MozCon 2019 Video Bundle is available for your purchasing and viewing pleasure!

Get the MozCon 2019 video bundle

Tell me about the video bundle!

For those of you who attended in-person, good news: you’ve already got access! The video bundle is always included in the price of your MozCon ticket, so you can relive your three jam-packed days of learning as many times as you want — and if you aren’t too bummed that they already made you share your MozCon swag with them, be sure to share the vids with your team!

For the rest of us, the video bundle lets us enjoy the presentations at our own pace. It’s condensed MozCon-caliber information in a neat, on-demand package that you can — have we mentioned this? — share with your team. Seriously, we think they’ll like it. We were humbled to host some of the very brightest minds in SEO and digital marketing on our stage. With topics ranging from content marketing to technical SEO, PPC to local SEO, and just about everything in between, there are presentations to inspire just about any role in marketing (and your web dev just might be interested in a few talks, too).

What’s covered in the videos:

  1. The Golden Age of Search, Sarah Bird
  2. Web Search 2019: The Essential Data Marketers Need, Rand Fishkin
  3. Human > Machine > Human: Understanding Human-Readable Quality Signals and Their Machine-Readable Equivalents, Ruth Burr Reedy
  4. Improved Reporting & Analytics Within Google Tools, Dana DiTomaso
  5. Local Market Analytics: The Challenges and Opportunities, Rob Bucci
  6. Keywords Aren’t Enough: How to Uncover Content Ideas Worth Chasing, Ross Simmonds
  7. How to Supercharge Link Building with a Digital PR Newsroom, Shannon McGuirk
  8. From Zero to Local Ranking Hero, Darren Shaw
  9. Esse Quam Videri: When Faking it is Harder than Making It, Russ Jones
  10. Building a Discoverability Powerhouse: Lessons From Merging an Organic, Paid, & Content Practice, Heather Physioc
  11. Brand Is King: How to Rule in the New Era of Local Search, Mary Bowling
  12. Making Memories: Creating Content People Remember, Casie Gillette
  13. 20 Years in Search & I Don’t Trust My Gut or Google, Wil Reynolds
  14. Super-Practical Tips for Improving Your Site’s E-A-T, Marie Haynes
  15. Fixing the Indexability Challenge: A Data-Based Framework, Areej AbuAli
  16. What Voice Means for Search Marketers: Top Findings from the 2019 Report, Christi Olson
  17. Redefining Technical SEO, Paul Shapiro
  18. How Many Words Is a Question Worth?, Dr. Peter J. Meyers
  19. Fraggles, Mobile-First Indexing, & the SERP of the Future, Cindy Krum
  20. Killer E-commerce CRO and UX Wins Using A SEO Crawler, Luke Carthy
  21. Content, Rankings, and Lead Generation: A Breakdown of the 1% Content Strategy, Andy Crestodina
  22. Running Your Own SEO Tests: Why It Matters & How to Do It Right, Rob Ousbey
  23. Dark Helmet’s Guide to Local Domination with Google Posts and Q&A, Greg Gifford
  24. How to Audit for Inclusive Content, Emily Triplett Lentz
  25. Image & Visual Search Optimization Opportunities, Joelle Irvine
  26. Factors that Affect the Local Algorithm that Don’t Impact Organic, Joy Hawkins
  27. Featured Snippets: Essentials to Know & How to Target, Britney Muller

What you’ll get:

For just $ 299, you’ll get all of the MozCon education and inspiration with none of the air travel or traffic. The bundle includes:

  • 27 full-length presentation videos chock full of leading SEO innovations, thought leadership, and tips & tricks
  • Instant downloads and streaming to your computer, tablet, or mobile device
  • Downloadable slide decks for all presentations

If we could include a download of a Top Pot doughnut and some piping hot Starbucks, we would in a heartbeat. Alas, they don’t have the technology for that… yet.

Free preview - Running Your Own SEO Tests: Why It Matters & How to Do It Right by Rob Ousbey

Speaking of doughnuts, we wouldn’t expect you to buy a dozen sweet treats without taking a little taste first to see if you like ‘em. It’s important to know that your doughnuts are both delicious, shareable, and relevant to your everyday work as an SEO — almost exactly like the MozCon video bundle. And just like the feeling of warmth and goodwill you receive when you come back to the office with a fragrant baker’s dozen, your teammates will thank you when you’ve got twenty-seven highly actionable talks to share with them — presentations that’ll hone your skills and level up your understanding of modern SEO and digital marketing.

That’s why we’ve released a talk we’re super proud of as your free preview of all the juicy goodness you can look forward to in the video bundle: Running Your Own SEO Tests: Why It Matters & How to Do It Right, presented by our very own Rob Ousbey. 

Google’s algorithms have undergone significant changes in recent years. Traditional ranking signals don’t hold the same sway they used to, and they’re being usurped by factors like UX and brand that are becoming more important than ever before. What’s an SEO to do? The answer lies in testing. Sharing original data and results from clients, Rob highlights the necessity of testing, learning, and iterating your work, from traditional UX testing to weighing the impact of technical SEO changes, tweaking on-page elements, and changing up content on key pages. Actionable processes and real-world results abound in this thoughtful presentation on why you should be testing SEO changes, how and where to run them, and what kinds of tests you ought to consider for your circumstances.

Gather the team, grab some snacks, and get ready to binge these presentations Netflix-Original-Series-style. 

Get the MozCon 2019 video bundle

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A Slice of MozCon Magic: The 2018 Video Bundle is HERE!

Posted by HayleyBowyer

Your tweets haven’t gone unnoticed — we know the MozCon #FOMO is very real. Many of you would be there in a second if it weren’t for busy schedules and pesky back-to-back meetings. So, while you’re hard at work, we’re here to make one thing easy: providing you with the insights you need whenever you need them.

Yes, that’s right — the MozCon 2018 Video Bundle is here and we can’t wait share it with you!

Ready to dive in? Feel free to skip straight to the fun part!

Buy the MozCon 2018 Video Bundle

Did you attend MozCon 2018? You’re in luck! The full video bundle is included with your ticket price. Check your inbox for an email with a link to exclusive video access. Can’t find it? Email us — we’re happy to help!

If you weren’t able to make it, MozCon 2018 was awesome, to say the least. I’m not just saying that because I want to see you at MozCon 2019, but because, in just three short days, I witnessed magic happen.

No, not the kind you find at Disneyland (even though I firmly believe MozCon is Disneyland for marketers… but that’s another story), but the kind you find when you bring hundreds of people together from different walks of life, each with their own special talents, and watch them create one of the most thought-provoking, engaging, and inclusive communities I’ve ever seen. They fostered a wealth of knowledge and resources that left everyone with plenty of new ideas and answers to marketing’s most challenging questions. That, coupled with the impressive speaker line up and innovative topics, made 2018 one of the best MozCons to date. I am honored to have been a part of it.

Even our attendees thought so:

99.1% of attendees said they were either satisfied, very satisfied, or extremely satisfied with the conference overall.

And when it came to the topics, 77.8% said the topics were just the right amount of advanced — there was plenty to learn, but we weren’t too overwhelmed.

Here’s what Lily Ray, SEO Director at Path Interactive, had to say about MozCon 2018:

I’ve made MozCon an annual ritual. I leave each year feeling invigorated with new ideas, new skills, and a refreshed approach to client strategies. The information I’ve learned at MozCon has improved my abilities as an SEO and has led to better results for my clients.

I hope you experience a slice of MozCon magic with the MozCon 2018 Video Bundle. With it, you’ll gain access to 12 hours of content full of actionable tactics you can instantly put to work for you and your team. The sessions are sure to help energize your online marketing strategy.

What you’ll get:

For just $ 299, you can enjoy the full MozCon experience from the comfort of your home or office. The bundle includes:

  • 26 full-length videos from some of the brightest minds in digital marketing
  • Instant downloads and streaming to your computer, tablet, or mobile device
  • Downloadable slide decks for presentations

Buy the MozCon 2018 Video Bundle

Not convinced yet? Watch a session now… for free!

To help you decide whether the video bundle is right for you, we’re sharing one of our highest-rated sessions with you for free! In this session, Moz’s own marketing scientist and SEO extraordinaire Dr. Pete Meyers discusses mapping keywords to searcher intent and capitalizing on the promise of ranking to drive results that attract clicks and customers. Enjoy!

Ranking is a Promise: Can You Deliver? with Dr. Pete Meyers

Finally, a BIG thank you to the team who made MozCon and this video bundle possible. We love sharing all this knowledge and couldn’t do it without the support of our vendors, partners, and the entire MozCon team.

And to the community, we wish you happy learning and hope to see you at MozCon 2019!

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The 2016 #MozCon Video Bundle Has Arrived!

Posted by Danielle_Launders

We’re excited to announce that the MozCon 2016 Video Bundle is ready! That means no more #FOMO — you can catch up on all 27 sessions and over 15 hours of online marketing goodness from some of the brightest minds in the industry. Want to earn more featured snippets? Yup, we cover that. Looking for new tools and tactics for link acquisition? You’ll learn that, too!

Can’t wait to get started? Feel free to jump ahead:

Buy the MozCon 2016 Video Bundle

If you attended MozCon 2016, don’t worry — the videos are included with your ticket. Just check your inbox for an email containing a unique link to redeem a free “purchase.”

MozCon 2016 was the best yet, and I’m not just saying that because I want ya’ll to join me at MozCon 2017. We are really proud of our program this year and can’t wait to share it with everyone, we think you’ll learn a ton and fall in love with the speaker lineup and presentations as much as we did.

The polls are in…

Here’s what our attendees had to say about their experience at MozCon:

Out of the attendees that completed the survey, over 60% said that the content presented was interesting and relevant to their work, while over 80% found that the content itself was advanced enough.

The bundle itself

You’ll have access to all of the presentations, which includes videos of the speakers as well as their slide decks.

For $ 299, the MozCon 2016 Video Bundle gives you instant access to:

  • 27 videos, that’s over 15 hours of content from MozCon 2016
  • Stream or download the videos to your computer, tablet, or phone. The videos are iOS, Windows, and Android compatible
  • Downloadable slide decks for all presentations

Buy the MozCon 2016 Video Bundle

Ready for your free full session?

We understand wanting to take a test drive before signing on the dotted line, which is why we’re sharing one of our highly-rated sessions with you! You can see what MozCon 2016 is all about with a full session from Joe Hall. He shares how information architecture shapes the way we organize data and build websites and how to rethink IA for SEO and content marketing.

A big and special thanks to everyone on the Moz team that worked hard to make these videos available (and in less than a month after the show!). It definitely takes a village. I want to send thanks (and hugs!) to the crew that worked so hard to process, edit, design, build, code, and more to make this happen. We wish you happy learning and hope to see you at MozCon 2017 in July.

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The 2015 #MozCon Video Bundle Has Arrived!

Posted by EricaMcGillivray

The bird has landed, and by bird, I mean the MozCon 2015 Video Bundle! That’s right, 27 sessions and over 15 hours of knowledge from our top notch speakers right at your fingertips. Watch presentations about SEO, personalization, content strategy, local SEO, Facebook graph search, and more to level up your online marketing expertise.

If these videos were already on your wish list, skip ahead:

If you attended MozCon, the videos are included with your ticket. You should have an email in your inbox (sent to the address you registered for MozCon with) containing your unique URL for a free “purchase.”

MozCon 2015 was fantastic! This year, we opened up the room for a few more attendees and to fit our growing staff, which meant 1,600 people showed up. Each year we work to bring our programming one step further with incredible speakers, diverse topics, and tons of tactics and tips for you.

What did attendees say?

We heard directly from 30% of MozCon attendees. Here’s what they had to say about the content:

What percentage of the presentations did you find interesting? 53% found 80%+ interesting to their work.

Did you find the presentations to be advanced enough? 74% found them to be just perfect.

Wil Reynolds at MozCon 2015

What do I get in the bundle?

Our videos feature the presenter and their presentation side-by-side, so there’s no need to flip to another program to view a slide deck. You’ll have easy access to links and reference tools, and the videos even offer closed captioning for your enjoyment and ease of understanding.

For $ 299, the 2015 MozCon Video Bundle gives you instant access to:

  • 27 videos (over 15 hours) from MozCon 2015
  • Stream or download the videos to your computer, tablet, phone, phablet, or whatever you’ve got handy
  • Downloadable slide decks for all presentations

Bonus! A free full session from 2015!

Because some sessions are just too good to hide behind a paywall. Sample what the conference is all about with a full session from Cara Harshman about personalization on the web:

Surprised and excited to see these videos so early? Huge thanks is due to the Moz team for working hard to process, build, program, write, design, and do all the necessaries to make these happen. You’re the best!

Still not convinced you want the videos? Watch the preview for the Sherlock Christmas Special. Want to attend the live show? Buy your early bird ticket for MozCon 2016. We’ve sold out the conference for the last five years running, so grab your ticket now!

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Bundle Like a Boss: How to Put Together Irresistible Product Packages

how to create winning product bundles

Would you like to make more sales — and more money per sale?

Stupid question, I know.

One really simple way to get both is to create an irresistible bundle of products that your audience can’t wait to get their hands on.

Let’s say you’ve created your first minimum viable product. In fact, you’ve done more than that: You’ve been offering digital products for quite a while now.

But you’ve seen other entrepreneurs sell some amazing offerings — big bundles of desirable products. Maybe you’d like to offer your audience something similar, but you’re just not sure where to begin.

Here’s how to get started.

Essential ingredients every winning product bundle needs

Grabbing a few products from your shop and chucking them together doesn’t create an inviting bundle. Buyers will ignore your offer if they don’t want most of your products — even if your price is low.

There are two key ways to create your bundle:

  1. Put together several similar products. Your bundle could be the best 10 seminars from your membership site, four of your ebooks, or six video tutorials.
  2. Put together several different types of products that cover the same topic. For example, if you have an ebook about snail collecting, along with a live seminar you recorded plus several detailed infographics, then that could make a great bundle for all the snail collectors in your audience.

In either case, it helps if most of the products in the bundle have been on sale separately and individually, so you can reference a distinct dollar value for each item — and demonstrate how much money your buyers will save by getting the bundle deal.

Don’t be tempted to simply create a massive bundle that includes everything in your shop — unless there’s a clear correlation between all the products.

(One exception: If you’re closing your shop and taking down all your existing products permanently, a huge bundle of everything could make sense.)

What if I don’t have enough products for a bundle?

If you think you don’t have enough material to create a product bundle, you could:

  • Add more details to an old blog post or podcast. Specifically address the “how” as well as the “why.” You could produce step-by-step instructions or provide real-world examples.
  • Transform existing products into new formats. If you have a bunch of audio seminars, get them transcribed. If you have screenshots explaining a process, consider creating your own video. Different buyers will prefer different formats, so having multiple options raises the perceived value of your bundle.
  • Bundle services with your products. If you offer one-on-one coaching for snail collectors, your bundle could include a 30-minute consultation. Put limits on the services you offer and position them as a “bonus” rather than the core material of the bundle, so you don’t have to raise the price to include them.

Partner with other product creators

You don’t have to create your whole bundle by yourself. Many successful bundles are group efforts. These collaborations work in different ways. For instance, you could:

  • Have one primary creator (you), and request supplementary materials from several others. Someone with an in-depth ebook might be willing to provide an exclusive sample for your bundle if you link to the ebook’s sales page.
  • Get together with a partner who has complementary products to yours. Find items that aren’t in direct competition but appeal to the same audience. An ebook on SEO and one on using Google Analytics might form a cohesive bundle.
  • Create a massive bundle along with a number of other big players in your industry. Only72 does this on a regular basis with packages that appeal to entrepreneurs.

Working with others takes more planning, and possibly presents more of a risk, but it could also mean more reward.

Keep in mind that the quality of other people’s products could affect your reputation. Make sure you know and trust everyone you work with and, if possible, thoroughly review (and try) their products to ensure you’d like to be associated with them.

Package your product bundle for a superior customer experience

You want to put everything in your product bundle together in an easy-to-use way. If you’ve only ever sold individual products before, you might find this requires a bit more work.

While you could just shove all of your digital files into a single zip file, that’s not going to create a great experience for buyers.

Instead, consider one or more of these options:

  • Use subfolders for individual products that contain multiple files, so each folder is easy to navigate. I’ve even seen bundles that used HTML to create a mini, offline site that buyers could use to easily navigate around the bundle.
  • Include a Quick-Start Guide that helps orient buyers and suggests the best ways to start engaging with the package. It could include directions about the correct order to approach the material. For instance, your customer should first read the ebook and then listen to the audio content.
  • Create a password-protected page on your website that has all the product files. I find that a small number of buyers have problems unzipping files, and so it’s best to point people to a page where they can download files at their leisure.

Don’t forget to pay attention to file names, too; make them clear and self-explanatory. A cryptic acronym plus a version number won’t help your buyers much.

Create the right digital product bundle for the right audience

What products could you pull together into a really useful bundle right now?

What might you need to add (either by creating it yourself or by bringing someone else on board)?

Start getting your plan together now — you might just surprise yourself with how close you are to producing and selling an irresistible bundle.

Share your digital product package ideas with us over on LinkedIn …

About the Author: Ali Luke runs Writers’ Huddle, a community/teaching site for all writers, with monthly seminars, in-depth ecourses, supportive forums, and more. It only opens to new members a couple of times a year, so if you think you might be interested, check it out now.

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The 2013 #MozCon Video Bundle is Live!

Posted by EricaMcGillivray

The 2013 MozCon Video Bundle is finally here. Yes, finally! We apologize for the delay, but hope you’re still excited. MozCon 2013 attendees: You should’ve gotten an email with your special code for your video access, which was included with your ticket price (if you didn’t, let us know at community@moz.com).

MozCon 2013 was spectacular! This year, we moved our conference to its new home at the Washington State Convention Center, and we were able to host 1,200 people, including Moz staff and other people helping out. This year saw a monumental 35 speakers! That’s a lot of inbound marketing knowledge.

Dharmesh Shah at MozCon 2013

What MozCon goers said about MozCon’s content

Let’s get down to business. Why should you purchase the MozCon videos? We always try to give you plenty of takeaways to inspire and kick off your next brilliant marketing move. Here’s what MozCon 2013 attendees said about our speakers’ content:

Did you find the MozCon presentations to be advanced enough for you? 73.2% said Yes.

What percentage of the presentations did you find interesting? 55.8% said 80% or more and 36.9% said 50% or more.

All the details on the video bundle

Our videos show both the presenter and their deck, and we include a download of the slide deck so you can flip through it at your leisure. Or just click on those important links. You can stream or download them directly to enjoy on your desktop, laptop, iPad, tablet, Surface, Android phone, iPhone, Windows phone, and those rare Andromeda 4000s, which only work on Mars.

Our dream is that you keep pausing every single talk in order to send emails and IMs filled with new ideas to your team or clients. There are 37 videos—35 speakers + a q&a session + a special Rand Fishkin introduction—to level-up your skills.

For $ 299 Moz Analytics subscribers ($ 399 non-subscribers) get instant access to:

  • 37 videos (over 19 hours) from MozCon 2013
  • Stream or download the videos to your computer, iPhone, or Android device
  • Downloadable slide decks of presentations

Buy the 2013 MozCon Video Bundle

Non-subscribers, sign up for a free 30-day Moz Analytics trial and save.

A full-length talk for free!

Last year, we gave away Wil Reynolds’ talk, and this year, we’re continuing in the tradition of giving you a taste of one of the best MozCon talks. The New Yorker‘s Kyle Rush talks about the conversion-rate optimization he did as part of the one of the most famous internet campaigns to-date, Obama for America.

Buy the 2013 MozCon Video Bundle

If that doesn’t convince you that these MozCon videos are all that jazz, here’s a really cute kitten hanging with adorable ducks. Or if you’re dance-party excited, we have a super early-bird deal on MozCon 2014 tickets.

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