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Why a Comprehensive Content Strategy Includes Podcasting

how a podcast amplifies your message

What if there was a way to cut through the noise, get noticed, and make a real connection with your audience?

For many businesses, on-demand audio content is the way to do just that.

Podcasting is gaining in popularity, as you may have noticed, but the medium is not oversaturated.

There’s still plenty of room in the market for you, so don’t worry that you’re too late to get started.

It could be argued that podcasting is not right for every business. It could also be argued that blogging is not right for all businesses.

Yet, if your business takes content marketing seriously, then podcasting can be a strong component of your content strategy.

Here are four reasons to embrace podcasting as an integral part of your strategy.

1. Expand your reach

2015 was the year podcasting made its way toward the mainstream.

Edison Research has reported that one-third of all Americans 12 years of age and older have listened to at least one podcast. If there are still two-thirds of the population remaining who haven’t explored podcasts yet, then there are lots of new ears to reach.

The best time to start a podcast was four years ago. The second best time is now.

The sheer number of people listening to podcasts — and the even greater number of people still to discover the medium — makes podcasting an essential part of any content strategy.

With new cars starting to roll off the assembly line with podcast players installed in them, and both Google Play and Spotify getting into the podcast distribution game, podcasting is just getting started.

As of today, the potential reach of a podcast makes it enticing, but the part that should really excite you is the wave of new listeners still to catch the podcasting bug. That’s when podcasting will officially live in the mainstream.

2. Ease of creation

Podcasting is a great way to test new ideas. Simply hit record and talk.

When you find a topic or angle that resonates with your listeners, you can easily turn it into an article, report, or ebook.

Podcasting can even make you a better writer.

The technology that we have at our disposal enables anyone with a laptop and a $ 100 microphone to start their own radio show.

Don’t overthink it, and don’t worry about hating the sound of your own voice when it’s recorded — we all have that problem.

3. Build your content library

Even if you understand the importance and value of creating a content library, you may be wondering how you will produce all the content to fill your library.

It’s quite simple when you have a podcast strategy that attracts attention and builds your content arsenal.

Here are a few ideas to get you rolling:

  1. Call an expert in your field and interview him or her via Skype.
  2. Get your audio transcribed and turn the transcriptions into an ebook or ebook series.
  3. Record audio versions of your most popular blog posts.

Podcasts help you create unique and valuable content. Each of these three ideas above could easily be created and added to your content library. Your audience would love it.

4. Cast your net far and wide

Podcasting can be used to cast a wider net for your business and bring more people to the top of your marketing funnel. This is essential for all content marketing strategies.

Audio content, unlike written content, can be consumed during commutes, showers, walks, and while at the gym.

You have multiple opportunities to reach out to new customers where and when they want to be reached.

Even your biggest fans won’t be able to read or listen to everything you create. This is why it’s essential to create content that can be distributed across multiple mediums.

Those who listen to your podcast may not read your blog, and those who read your blog may not listen to your podcast. So, create within both mediums and go where your audience already is.

Podcasting is an excellent opportunity for you to repurpose your work and find your audience where they are.

Getting started with podcasting

You may fear it’s too difficult or too much work to add a podcast to your content strategy.

Although creating a podcast is not easy, it can be simple. A lot of work, yes. But the potential rewards far outweigh any drawbacks that might concern you.

There are many compelling reasons why companies like Rainmaker Digital have decided to go all-in on podcasting, and you should too.

Including a podcast in your content strategy could even make your life easier, not cause the burden of more content to create.

If you want to expand your reach, the ease of creation, ability to test ideas quickly, and added value of audio content in your content library make podcasting a no-brainer addition to a robust content strategy.

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