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Get ready for Wordtracker’s new free Keyword Tool!

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Are you looking for a keyword tool that can attract more targeted traffic to your website, without costing you a fortune in PPC dollars?

Are you wondering which keyword tool to use now that the Google keyword tool is being retired, with parts of it having already been combined with the Adwords Traffic Estimator to make the Google Keyword Planner?

Do you need to know exactly how your target audience searches for content, products and services?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions, then it’s Wordtracker to the rescue!

We’re very proud to announce that as of early next week, our super new free Keyword Tool will be available to the world.

After listening hard to our customers and the market, we’ve replaced our old free tool to provide a new digital marketing solution that’s unique. A tool that draws on the power of our huge database of 3.5 billion searches to provide you with the high-performing keywords you need.

How do I access the free Keyword Tool?

Easy. From early next week, you will get instant access by just entering your email and choosing a password. It’s as simple as that.

If you verify your email address at sign-up, you get even more features for free.

What do I get exactly?

What you get is the same Keyword Tool that’s available in the paid subscription. There are a few restrictions, and this is how it works:

  • The first level of access returns 50 global results, and if you need, you can download these for use at a later date.
  • You can use the same types of search as in the full tool – ‘keywords in any order’, ‘exact keyword inside a search term’, and ‘exact keyword only’. You can even paste in up to 100 keywords of your own to assess against our database.
  • The second level of results is provided when you verify your email. Verification only takes a few seconds. Once you’ve verified, you can carry out your keyword searches by country, and also if you wish, in the language of that country. Si, Oui, Yes, Ja.
  • The territories available are the same as for our fee-based Keyword Tool and include the US, the UK, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Australia, India and more. Global keyword search results are also available. You get 100 downloadable results for use whenever you wish.

The Wordtracker Alternative

Whether you’re a web marketer, agency, or just starting up your own website, it’s likely that you need a keyword tool to help improve traffic levels and conversions.
The beauty of our free tool is that it gives you the freedom to carry out your keyword research without being directed into PPC planning and costs.

Perhaps you’re not interested in PPC route, and you hesitate before devoting your limited budget to a fee-based keywords tool. That’s where our free Keyword Tool comes in. It’s perfect for digital marketing support, niche marketing, organic SEO and everything non-PPC.

We are launching the new free Keyword Tool early next week, so don’t forget to check in!

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